The Outreach Department in partnership with the Corporate Social Responsibility work of the leading pharmaceutical company Eva Pharma, runs a 36 beds Christian.

12-Step unit in the Pyramids Gardens District.HIV Prevention among IDUs (Intravenous Drug Users) Based in Shubra, Cairo, this initiative started as a partnership with an organization that is globally considered as one of the forerunners in the field HIV: Family Health International (FHI). The project aims at changing the HIV high risk behavior among Key populations. We mobilize our former intravenous drug users (18 part-time paid staff and tens of volunteers) to reach People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in their homes and shooting areas in the streets, to educate them on HIV risks and to provide a supportive environment to allow them to avoid high risk behavior. PWID are invited to the Shubra center where we provide groups, individual counseling, nutritional education and support, as well as first aid and referrals to medical services for those who need them. Detoxification and rehabilitation services are provided upon request. Behavior change in PWID are regularly monitored. This initiative involves continuous training of current and ex-users to achieve the intended purposes.

HIV – Drug awareness and Resiliency Fostering Training reaching-out to thousands of people particularly from vulnerable groups are periodically organized by the program. This program co-organizes a nationwide campaign aiming to build-up the resilience of children, young people and families and increase their drug awareness. Starting this year, we plan to provide intensive training for leaders from schools and youth centers in partnership with 23 NGOs. 160-200 leaders per year will receive 60 hours of training (3X20 hour workshops) in the Wady center, then go forward to develop stable HIV/ Substance Abuse prevention programmes in their own areas for young people and children (up to 20 000)lWe plan to provide local training (2X4 hours) for an extra 2000 leaders in the local target population areas.

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