The Freedom Drugs and HIV Programme is a creative and effective programme providing rehabilitation, integration and empowerment to drug addicts. It is probably the first and largest programme of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world. It was established in 1989.56 Drug rehabilitation centres and 8 detoxification centres, in Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Sharkia, Beheira (Wady El Natroun), Kafr El Sheikh, Gharbia, Menoufia, Menia, Aswan and the Red Sea (Hurghada), offering 2800 beds. for the 3 to 6 months rehabilitation program.

 Wadi El Natroun Farm (450 beds)
This beautiful piece of property is situated in Wady El Natroun, 100 km from Cairo, just two kilometres to the west of the main road between Cairo and Alexandria. The 72 acres (68 Feddans) farm is a reclaimed desert land (first seeds were planted in 1994. The farm currently has 6500 olive trees, 150 palm trees, 15 feddans of seasonal crops and 2 deep wells. The farm produce helps finance the unpaid-forexpenses of drug rehabilitation work. With 251 beds, Wady has the largest complex of drug centers in the same premises in the Arab world. In operation since 1996, it is The Wady sector is practically formed of 12 distinct rehabilitation centres: Two 12- Step Wady Centre, two Christian 12-Step Wady Centre, Two Christian Chance- Subsidized Programme, Three Chance 12-Step Subsidized Programme, and The Message of Freedom Unskilled and Illiterate Addicts Centre. There are also two detoxification center. An ecofriendly green architecture centre that is naturally cooled and built with local clay bricks and stone offers luxury accommodation.

 Alexandria Rehabilitation Centres (260 beds)
In the Alexandria suburb of King Maryout, Freedom runs 6 centres. The 12-Step Centre in King Maryout has 26 beds; two Chance Subsidized centers; The Preparatory Chance Subsidized centre; The 12- Message Subsidized centre have beds and a new detoxification centre.

Maadi Rehabilitation Sectors (1250 beds)
 This sector was launched in the Cairo suburb of Maady. But now it runs 25 different centers throughout Egypt. The mother centre 12-Step unit, nine 12-step and Chance Subsidized Centers are located in Mokatem, with a detoxification centre containing in this vicinity too. Another major detoxification center this is in addition to a 12-Step rehabilitation centre Girls 12-Step Centre nearby in Hurghada, Red sea also has another detoxification center and another girls rehabilitation facility. The sector also runs top notch detoxification centre in Aswan and a rehabilitation center in Aswan.

The Menia Sector and Teen Challenge Partnership (300 beds)
This sector has just recently started a project in Menia, 250 kilometers south of Cairo in partnership with the Assemblies of God Church plus a subsidized Christian Teen Challenge unit. A Freedom Teen Challenge partnership is envisioned to expand there by erecting another ecofriendly centre in a farm setting. This sector runs a rehabilitation centre for girls and another for men in Mokatem, a third in Warrak and a rehabilitation center in Warrak.

The Outreach Sector Unit in Pyramids Gardens (36 beds)
The outreach department in partnership with the Corporate Social Responsibility work of the leading pharmaceutical company Eva Pharma, runs a 36 beds Christian 12-Step unit in the Pyramids Gardens District.

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