Freedom Research Department was engaged in a number of research projects including the world renowned Biological Behavioral Surveillance Survey of 2006 and 2010 (BBSS). Freedom implemented the national survey applying the Response Driven Methodology, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and FHI. The 2006 study led to the announcement of HIV as a concentrated epidemic among MSM and in 2010, it was also found to be a concentrated epidemic among IDUs. Freedom engaged in a major research project with East Anglia University, UK, probing in depth the behavior and biological indicators of risk behavior among the target populations. A similar project was carried out with George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. A third major research project was conducted with Columbia University, New York, USA. An intern from Columbia University is worked towards preparing her thesis for her Master’s Degree, using data collected at Freedom’s outreach center.

A number of doctoral and master’s degree theses were conducted using data on our clients and staff; many were conducted by our executive director and other senior staff members. The research scope ranges from a doctorate degree dissertation, accepted in 2013 by the Maastricht School of Management, in the Netherland and titled: Not-For-Profit Healthcare in an Emerging Market: A Case Study of the Implementation of a Quality Management Initiative to Create a Sustainable Drug Rehabilitation Service, to a PhD on The Effect of Physical Activity on rehabilitation of Drug Addicts, accepted in 2015 by Helwan University in Egypt.

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